Venison Slices


Step up your dog's training game with our Venison Slices – a delectable training treat that's as mouth-watering as it is nutritious! Crafted from premium venison meat, these thin slices are bursting with flavour, making them the ideal reward for good behaviour. Rich in protein and essential nutrients, Venison Slices help support your dog's overall health and vitality while satisfying their craving for something delicious. Treat your furry pal to the gourmet experience they deserve with Venison Slices!

4 weeks+

Venison 40%, chicken, sweet potato, minerals
Crude Protein 36.2%, Crude Fat 14.5%, Moisture 18.3%, Crude Ash 6.2%, Crude Fibre 24.8%

Our natural dog treats are not an alternative to dog food. Please provide plenty of drinking water. Store in a cool dry place and not in direct sunlight.

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