Pork Belly Flats


Indulge your pup with our Pork Belly Flats – a delicious and nutritious treat that's perfect for longer-lasting chewing sessions! Made from premium pork belly, these natural chews are packed with protein and essential nutrients, promoting muscle development and overall well-being in your furry companion. With their chewy texture and savory flavor, Pork Belly Flats offer hours of enjoyment while supporting dental hygiene. Treat your dog to the goodness of our Pork Belly Flats and watch them savor every bite!

6 months+

100% pork
Protein 61.1%, Fibre 0.8%, Fat 33.1%, Ash 1.82%

Our natural dog treats are not an alternative to dog food. Please provide plenty of drinking water. Store in a cool dry place and not in direct sunlight.

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